Why you should stop your disposable razor habit now to save the environment?

How many times do you have to throw away a disposable razor and buy a new one? Some people would even have tons of them inside the cabinet. As the term implies, they are disposable unlike an electric shaver. Once they have been used, they can’t be used again. As a result, in the Unites States alone, there are almost 2 billion razors thrown out each year. Imagine the number of razors thrown out all over the world considering that a majority of the male population shave. Women shave too.

What happens after throwing them?

The sad part is that once they are thrown away, they end up on landfills. They don’t decompose. Sometimes, they are carried away into the ocean. There were even cases in which bellies of marine animals were opened wide just to find these razors inside. Some of these marine animals even make their way to our dining table. At that point, the danger is totally real. There are even some landfills that are already used up to a point where there’s no choice but to burn things up. As razors are usually made from plastic or metal, they will definitely do a huge deal of damage to the atmosphere. We have already done a lot to cause global warming; we can’t afford to do more by burning billions of razors each year. We will be the one bearing the brunt eventually if we don’t do anything to change things now.

It’s time to change

These are just some of the reasons why you have to stop using disposable razors. They will just end up polluting the environment. There are other options available to make you stop using disposable razors. For instance, you can use recyclable razors. They can be used several times, although there will come a point when you have to throw the blade away.

The better option would be an electronic razor. With this type of shaver, you simply have to plug it in and you’re good to go. You can easily clean it up too. You can use it as often as you want and you won’t have to throw anything away. You can also use this shaver for various bodily hairs. Again, it is easy to clean them up so it won’t be a big problem.

If electric shavers fail to work, then there could be some parts that are not working. You can easily replace these parts and the shaver will start working again. You also have nothing to worry when it comes to electric consumption. Electric shavers consume very minimal energy. This won’t result to the skyrocketing of your monthly electric bills. It might seem awkward using it at first, but eventually you will get the hang of it. When it happens, you can easily use the shaver. You can also pack it with you if you travel.

Don’t feel guilty

With the use of an electronic shaver, you will no longer feel guilty the next time you shave. You know that the razor is kept with you and it can be used over and over again. You will also not worry about the cost. Yes, electric razors are more expensive than regular disposable razors. However, if you have to keep throwing them away and replace them with something new, you will end up spending more.

To top it all, you will feel good that you are helping the environment. You know that in your own ways, you can change the status quo. It might not be enough to have an impact, but if you can influence others to do the same, then the impact can be felt. We don’t expect this problem to be solved any time soon. Everything starts with awareness. Then, it will keep getting bigger up until everyone is used to the idea of using electric shavers instead of disposable shaver.

It might even inspire you to take other measures to help save the environment. Now that you understand the gravity of the problem, you will start using recyclable materials instead of throwing them away. Eventually, it will become natural. You will find it in you to just keep on recycling because you know how great the impact is if you do otherwise.

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