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How Bad a Problem is Deforestation Really?

You may have heard of deforestation problems for a long time. The truth is that it is not getting any better. Over time, we have just made the situation worse — even by simply purchasing one of the best chainsaw 2017 models to cut trees in our backyard with. Deforestation is a process in which we clear the Earth’s forests to use the wood for other purposes or to build something on the area. Usually, it is done on a massive scale. If not, it is gradually done until the forest is no more.

Right now, forests still occupy around 30% of the world’s land area. It might seem big, but if you think of what is lost each year, you will feel really bad. According to researches, swaths of land as big as Panama are lost every year due to deforestation. Another devastating fact according to FAO is that about half of the world has forests that have already been cleared.

This also means that due to the loss of trees, there is greater carbo dioxide emission. It increases up to 12% annually. Around 36 football fields worth of trees are lost each minute. You can only imagine how devastating it is to the planet. Ultimately, it will affect us human beings.

Cutting trees

Trees are being cut for several reasons. Farmers cut them so they can provide for the needs of their families. They also use the crops and sell them. Though it is on a smaller scale, it still hurts the environment. The more pressing issue is deforestation caused by major companies. Due to corruption in the government, they are permitted to cut more trees. Industrialisation and progress have paved the way for the depletion of environmental resources. Add to that those who are logging illegally. This is why we keep losing our forest. There are people who are only after their personal needs and are not really mindful of the consequences of their actions.

How can we solve these problems?

To put it bluntly, the only way to stop deforestation is by not cutting trees at all. However, this is seemingly impossible. We need trees for different reasons. The best way to solve this problem is by banning clear-cutting. This ensures that the forest environment remains intact. There should also be a balance between the number of trees being cut and the number of new trees planted. Those who are into logging must be obliged to replace the trees they cut.

Tree plantations must also be encouraged. Companies that are into logging can be self-sustaining if they have a tree plantation. It takes time, but it is less damaging to the environment.

Most of all, there should be a stronger call for the government to stop corruption. They must not let these corporations control the fate of our environment. They must have a tougher stance when it comes to banning illegal loggers. They need to see to it that the forest is protected. In fact, there should be more areas that are to be declared safe against deforestation. No one should be allowed to cut trees in those areas for whatever reasons. Fines should be heavier and not even companies should be safe from jail time.

Stronger together

This is the time when we have to fight harder against deforestation. It happens not by chance, but because of intentional depletion of the natural resources. We have to stand our ground and keep calling out those who are violating the laws. There will come a time when these people will stop what they are doing because they know that there are a lot of people going against them.

Deforestation is just one of the many problems contributing to global warming. It is time that we take politicians out of office especially if they don’t even believe in the science of global warming to begin with. We can only take the specific measures in combating this problem if we work together. These problems won’t go away if we don’t even care in the first place. We can do a lot if we have strong collective voices.

You can start by planting trees at home. If you decide to cut them later, don’t forget to plant a new one.. You can make a difference. All of us can.

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Drawing Youngsters For A Notable Social Cause

social media

To move young people into philanthropy is not an easy task. It necessitates on creating a change in young minds. The young generation today pool up their minds with creative aspirations and illusions. Most often, you cannot see them taking up a social responsibility. But, it is essential to shape the younger society to evolve common dreams on a larger scale. They should be drawn towards the real rhythm of life. They should be trained to bring about a change in the society. It can be a paradigm shift for the benefit of the world. The prolific young group must share social entrepreneurship and accountability.


It is time for the young to create a wave of social entrepreneurs. They should create an ecosystem to support humanity and charity. It is important to align the interests of the society with the younger population to draw their attention. An encounter with the sufferings of the community can generate empathy in younger minds that would fuel a noble cause. But the irony is our younger generation read through poverty at the local library than witnessing it on the streets. So, it is important to draw their attention by screening a documentary. On instilling empathy, they gain a better understanding of the world.

The youths of the society must be ignited and maintained on the passion of serving the community. They should understand the importance of developing a sustainable nation. The younger generation is adept at handling the social media. It is necessary to capitalize on their talents to make them give back to the world. Embarking a purpose towards their life is vital. Their participation in the form of volunteering can go a long way in backing the social cause. They can also be great fundraisers. Having a young member to the panel can add to a diversity in the worldly views, so it’s time to rope in the youngsters for a good cause.

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Focusing On Sustainable Predictions For The Social Sector

Sustainable Predictions

Though making forecasts is a difficult task, it is necessary to have some to keep you driving forward. While a majority of the industries have top performers, the social platforms do not have a clear winner. The government also remains unpredictable when it comes to running a social movement. This situation, therefore, becomes more difficult. Most often, the government is subjected to a leadership change. The change involves making a lot of compromises when it comes to taking decisions. As a result, erratic decision-making skills and inconsistent policies are frequently encountered. On the other hand, the industrial sector focuses solely on the demands of the consumer.

The industries rely upon market research to predict the customer behavior and requirements that in turn gets fulfilled. Whereas, the social sector must look into societal cues such as poverty, unemployment, hunger and homelessness to address. In such cases, the condition becomes intractable and a considerably different scenario. These aggregate social indicators should be dealt with immediately. The demands for the future can be predicted only with these societal factors. On the contrary, the dependability on these social factors become questionable. A majority of the reports circulated by the organizations offer partial opinions that are purely based on the service demands.

There is a misleading count every year when considering the homeless and poverty-stricken people. The definition of poverty is continually subjected to change depending on the ruling government. A big-data is most often projected and capitalized for profitable use. Several organizations utilize the micro-consumer transactions to scale up data. The inconsistencies that result enable us to question the integrity of the data generated. It is, therefore, necessary to practice a systematic way of data collection. Several analytical techniques must be performed to determine the social cues more accurately to create a better forecast. The needs of the social sector can be met only with a precise prediction.

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