Can Walkers for Seniors Be Made from Recyclable Materials?

Walkers for seniors are a great help especially to those who could barely move their body. They provide them with the assistance they need in order to keep moving and do certain activities like they normally would back when they were strong enough to do so.

The good thing about the best walker for seniors is that they may also be made from recyclable materials. Not only are they perfect in providing assistance, they also help save the environment.

Usually, they are made from metal or stainless steel. This can be easily bent or melted in order to be used for a different purpose. This walker does not necessarily have to be made from brand new steel. It can be taken from old steel and transformed into a walker for seniors. Even if the steel used was just recycled from another material used in the past, it can still look great and last long.

Cheap but of high quality

Steel, wood and plastic are some of the materials that can be recycled in making these walkers. Since they were from recycled materials, expect the walkers to be cheaper than the regular price. It is perfect for those who are unable to afford walkers due to their high price. Despite the low cost, they are still of high quality.

Support charitable organisations

If you can’t find walkers made from recyclable materials, another option is to support organisations collecting recyclable materials. Once you have reached the minimum amount, you can exchange those materials with an actual walker. For instance, Union Caterers Pretoria has organised a project where people can send their bottle caps in exchange of a walker. If they can reach 150 kilogrammes of bottle caps, they can request for a new walker.

Even if the walker itself was not made from recyclable materials, you can still contribute to saving the environment. Besides, if you really could not afford to buy a new walker, you can just collect these caps. They can be easily found anywhere. You will then have a new walker to be used by a senior member of the family.

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